2 min readApr 13, 2022


Thank you to all listeners who tuned in to our first AMA on 4/11/2022.

Over the course of an hour we touched on a variety of topics and addressed a multitude of questions, concerns, compliments, and comments.

Listeners got a chance to meet some core team members on both the Lyrical Lemonade and L3MON teams. Lotto, Big A, Jarrito, Tresop, Daniel, & the folks over at Metaseed Labs took the time to introduce themselves to the audience and break down their specific role in the L3MON company and “The Carton” project.

After team introductions, the focus of the AMA shifted to “The Carton” project and what holders can expect from their newly purchased carton.

  • Carton ownership grants access to private channels in the L3MON discord server where holders can interact daily with core members of the Lyrical Lemonade and L3MON teams. Some server additions from the past week are: improved screen sharing capabilities and the introduction of two 24/7 radio stations. We’ve also introduced a new “team” channel on the L3MON discord server to help members better direct their specific questions and conversations for any team members. The team always has its eyes and ears on the chat and we are constantly looking to improve on the user experience in the server.
  • Carton ownerships grants access for 3 years to our annual Lyrical Lemonade Summer Smash Festival in Chicago. For this year’s festival carton holders will be receiving a 3 day General Admission ticket and a VIP bag of merchandise. L3MON will be organizing holder-exclusive events during the week of Summer Smash as well. For years 2 and 3 of festival access, holders will receive 3 day VIP holders-only ticket that will be a tier above regular VIP and only available for carton holders. Ticketing mechanisms for the festival will be rolled out in the weeks leading up to the festival and we are planning on utilizing airdropping methods in which carton holders who may not be attending the festival for whatever reason will be able to sell their festival tickets.
  • Carton holders will be receiving access to holder-only Lyrical Lemonade merchandise drops. Over the past few days George has been active in the chat discussing our plans in the realm of merchandising. The purchase and redemption mechanisms that we are internally building will surely push the envelope and truly open the eyes of many when it comes to the true vision of Lyrical Lemonade and L3MON.

Holders of “The Carton” are the ground floor participants in Lyrical Lemonade’s Web 3 mission. L3MON’s immediate goals are to successfully integrate ownership-verification technology for our supporters and to continue growing our community of holders and supporters who believe in what we are building for the long term. L3MON is focused on a calculated approach to Web 3 in which we strive for execution rather than hype. We believe in the long term viability of Web 3 as a whole and invite everyone to join us on our journey.

-Toni 🍋🌐




L3MON is the tech branch of Lyrical Lemonade: a multimedia company operating in film, live events, merchandise, and the beverage industry.