2 min readApr 20, 2022


Thank you to all the folks who tuned in to our second L3MON AMA on 4/18/2022.

We started the spaces off with a recap of the past week before opening up the floor for questions and comments from listeners. Some of the key points we touched on:

Listeners got the chance to meet George, the head of merchandising and graphic design at Lyrical Lemonade. George spoke on some of the projects he’s already started on for L3MON and his excitement for the new wallet-connect website we’re building for token-gated merchandise and ticketing. On Monday night we launched our first mystery merch box challenge for both holders and non-holders in the Discord server.

Last week Lyrical Lemonade debuted its newest music video for “What Happened to Virgil” by Lil Durk and Gunna. The video reached #1 trending on Youtube within 24 hours of release. Holders of “The Carton” were granted early access to the Behind the Scenes video of “What Happened to Virgil” prior to its public release on LL2.

Holders were also granted early access to CP’s latest project: Year of the Dog. Upon receiving early access, some holders decided to host an impromptu listening party for the project in the voice chat on the discord server.

Two improvements that were made to the private discord server:

  • Community-vote channel: A channel dedicated to holder-only voting on a variety of decisions put forward by the internal L3MON team.
  • Blog channel: A channel where the weekly AMA recap blogs will be posted for those who were unable to listen in real time.

A large portion of the dialogue between team members and listeners during the space was focused on the mission of L3MON and what the project is seeking to accomplish both in the short and long term. Speaking for myself and the team: L3MON is most excited to use web3 technology to further develop our direct relationships with supporters. The current structure of film, merchandising, fulfillment, live event curation, and beverage distribution is riddled with middlemen who are often attributed with more value than what they contribute to the connection between creators and their supporters. With the longer-term vision being predicated on tightening these relationships, the short term goal for us is to make the experience for the holders of “The Carton” as innovative and fruitful as possible.

We appreciate all the folks who took the time to tune in or read the recap of our 2nd AMA and we can’t wait to sit down with you all next week!


(Special shoutout to Liion for being quickest to the draw and winning the 2 free tickets to the Lil Tecca show in Chicago on 4/18/2022)




L3MON is the tech branch of Lyrical Lemonade: a multimedia company operating in film, live events, merchandise, and the beverage industry.