AMA Recap #4

Thank you to all the folks who tuned in to our live AMA session on Twitter spaces this past Monday and everyone who tuned in to the recording. The past week has been an eventful one and I’m excited to recap it all for you.

Last week the Lyrical Lemonade video production team shared 2 incredible projects from the vault with the rest of the world: “I Feel Funny” and “Honest”. A few months ago Justin Bieber and Cole started the process of creating their first video together. All along, “Honest” featuring Don Toliver was the video they were filming and planning to roll out as the single from Justin’s upcoming album. The two continued forming a special bond off-set and “I Feel Funny” is a perfect example of their relationship; the song wasn’t exactly slated for public release until Cole decided to shoot an iPhone video for it between takes on the “Honest” music video set. The creative marketing brains of Cole and Scooter Braun decided to capitalize on the moment and release “I Feel Funny” as a teaser for “Honest”. The entire Lyrical Lemonade team has been waiting for the global release of both videos and the initial reception has been fantastic.

Both of the Bieber videos share a unique connection to L3MON and “The Carton” as well: the 3D rotating carton at the end of both “I Feel Funny” and “Honest” was a holder carton from “The Carton” collection. You read that correctly: we placed holder cartons at the end of both Lyrical Lemonade music videos with Justin Bieber. This integration of L3MON into the existing world of Lyrical Lemonade is a great example of our future plans to further step into web 3. During our AMA both holders who had their cartons featured in a video spoke on their experiences. The excitement was palpable and both holders felt it was truly a small sign of what’s to come with the project and the new L3MON branch as a whole. Much thanks to Snebzi and Colarte for their kind words!

During the AMA we touched on a few more key points in the past week and things to look forward to in the future:

  • We hosted our first “Community Cleanup” of the year. Each year in the weeks before and after the annual Summer Smash music festival, the Lyrical Lemonade & SPKRBX teams link up with the community in Douglass park to clean up the park the festival is held at. It’s always a great time seeing all the familiar faces and spending time getting to know the newcomers and enjoying a meal together in the warm sun.

This week’s AMA was more conversational than ever and the entire team truly loves taking the time to talk to folks both in and outside of our community. Those who tuned in to the AMA got a chance to meet Kyle for the first time. Kyle is one of the in-house animators on the Lyrical Lemonade and L3MON teams. Kyle did an incredible job animating the 3D cartons for the Justin Bieber videos and we’re excited to share other work he has on the way. For anybody more interested in Kyle’s previous work, head to Youtube and tune in to the “Life of Lenny” series on the Lyrical Lemonade 2 channel. Thank you to everyone who tuned in to the live AMA, recorded AMA, and those who took the time to read the blog post; the entire Lyrical Lemonade and L3MON teams appreciate you!

As always: Execution>Hype




L3MON is the tech branch of Lyrical Lemonade: a multimedia company operating in film, live events, merchandise, and the beverage industry.

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L3MON is the tech branch of Lyrical Lemonade: a multimedia company operating in film, live events, merchandise, and the beverage industry.