AMA Recap #5

  • @Antholal is the newest member of the L3MON team. Anyone who’s taken the time to explore our server is sure to have come across Antholal at one point or another; even prior to his official involvement with the project, he’s been an uber-positive community member with a keen understanding of education and the Lyrical Lemonade family.
  • The moderation team installed a gaming channel & corresponding voice channel to help make our server even more engaging for users. Members in the chat have been asking for a place to talk video games for a few weeks now and we’re happy with our V1 rollout of the new feature.
  • With VeeCon on the horizon, the Discord team installed a new “VeeCon” role for holders-only. We’d love to engage with any Carton holders who make the trip to Minnesota next week and the “VeeCon” role allows us communicate directly with any folks who might be in town.
  • Last Tuesday morning we dropped a Starbucks gift card in the holder chat as a quick surprise for folks who might’ve been starting their day off with a cup of joe. We’re planning on integrating similar giveaways from time to time for our Carton holders.
  • We dropped our “Essentials” clothing collection last week in our online store. Holders of the Carton were given priority access to the drop prior to the public sale launch.
  • We hosted out second Community Cleanup of the year in Douglass Park on Saturday. Some of the Carton holders were able to make it out and meet the team while helping clean the beautiful park up.



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L3MON is the tech branch of Lyrical Lemonade: a multimedia company operating in film, live events, merchandise, and the beverage industry.