AMA Recap #6

2 min readMay 19, 2022

Good Morning

If you’re reading this I hope you have an incredible day!

The L3MON team has been working around the clock to finalize our installation for “The Carton” at VeeCon this upcoming weekend. We hosted our weekly AMA on Monday and spent some time chatting with folks via Twitter Spaces.

This week’s AMA was short and sweet: We’re excited for VeeCon. The team has put together an incredible installation that we can’t wait to display to the folks in attendance in Minneapolis and everyone online who will be able to experience it secondhand. VeeCon will be an environment of growth and collaboration like none other and we couldn’t be happier to be a part of it all.

The bulk of this week’s AMA revolved around the speakers at VeeCon and who we’re all most excited to see/meet. Some of the names mentioned by L3MON team members and the speakers in the spaces included: GMoney, Pharrell, Bobby Hundreds, Snoop Dogg, Fewocious, and Faze Banks to name a few. Gary and his team have put together an amazing event for the world to take in and we’re all thankful for their continued efforts to onboard the masses to Web 3. L3MON is grateful for the opportunity to showcase “The Carton” and Lyrical Lemonade as a whole on-site at such an inspiring event. For more information on our specific installation for “The Carton” head over to

Upon ending the spaces, the Lyrical Lemonade team blessed Carton holders with an opportunity to win some sold-out merch: The Watermelon Plushie pillow. Congratulations are in order for the two winners and thanks are in order to Lyrical Lemonade and Spaceship fulfillment for bringing the giveaway to life!

We cannot wait to recap our experience at VeeCon with everybody next week! As always:


-Toni 🍋🌐




L3MON is the tech branch of Lyrical Lemonade: a multimedia company operating in film, live events, merchandise, and the beverage industry.