Mental Health Awareness Month

3 min readMay 26, 2022
“The darkest night comes before the brightest morning.”

Breathe in through your nose. Hold it for a second. Now exhale through your mouth. Feel the air as it flows through your body. Notice your shoulders sinking in a bit.

We’ve all been told at one point or another to “take a deep breath”, or “relax”. Focusing on your breathing and your body is a great way to achieve a calm state both mentally and physically, no matter how crazy the surroundings may be. May is Mental Health Awareness Month in the United States and we’d like to take some time to talk about mental health and how it relates to us.

The entire family at Lyrical Lemonade is constantly blessed with the opportunity to create things we love with the people we love. We recognize how unique our opportunities in life are and we try to avoid ever taking them for granted. The constant flux of projects, designing, and curation can occasionally feel stressful and we’re no stranger to high-pressure situations. Even in those moments of peak chaos, we aim to keep our composure and remain calm in the presence of the bigger picture. Recognizing that our emotions are crucial to our livelihood enables us to talk freely about mental health in an environment where we hope others learn that they’re not going through anything alone.

One thing we like to keep in mind when we’re not feeling our best is that speaking on mental health is never a sign of weakness. We like to think it’s quite the opposite; the ability to recognize when our minds are in a slight funk is half the battle. Once we can freely speak about what’s on our mind, we’re able to do something about it. Suppressing negative feelings and emotions will more likely than not result in compounding those unsavory things going on in our minds. Talking through what’s going on in our heads helps us realize that we’re not the only ones feeling what we’re feeling; everybody has times when they don’t feel their best. By encouraging an environment where conversations regarding mental health are applauded, we can help ourselves feel better and inspire others with positive energy. Having a positive energy loop present is incredible for improving mood and creativity!

Accepting the “challenge” of mental health means that we try to show up each and every day with the desire to make changes in our lives that will benefit us in the long term. Feeling better mentally doesn’t come from just one day of attempts; it takes time to develop the habits that will help you feel better in the long run. Embracing the journey and taking life one day at a time seems to work better than aiming to make a massive leap all at once. We are a product of our habits and it is nearly impossible to make or break any habit without accepting the fact that change takes time. Remembering the importance of patience is massive, especially in environments where collaborations and deadlines are constantly flowing.

Although our thoughts and ideas initially occur in our own minds, we as humans are collectively feeling the highs and lows associated with living life. Take the time to check in with yourself and see how you’re feeling at this very moment. Pick up the phone and ask a loved one how they’re feeling. Our time on this earth together is extremely precious and it’s crucial that we never take it for granted.

Toni 🍋🌐

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