“The Carton” by L3MON

2 min readApr 12, 2022


With this blog post being the first of many to come, the entire L3MON and Lyrical Lemonade family would like to thank all of our family, friends, and supporters for the overwhelming display of appreciation and excitement as we’ve started this new journey.

About a year ago, the team at Lyrical Lemonade created a new branch of the company, “L3MON” with the goal of embracing and exploring new technologies that could further grow our impact and reach in all avenues of the company. Lyrical Lemonade is a multimedia company operating in film, live events, merchandise, and the beverage industry. Every business avenue that we participate in is independently owned & operated by Lyrical, and the support from our community is both the reason why we do what we do and why we’ve been able to see sustained success and growth. We view L3MON as an opportunity to further develop our connections to our loyal supporters while also planting the seeds for disruptive technologies to cause a paradigm shift in media creation, curation, and consumption.

Our first public foray into Web 3 began on April 5, 2022 with the debut of “The Carton”. “The Carton” is a collection of 500 unique, handcrafted versions of the Lyrical Lemonade logo released as NFTs. Each carton was created by our in-house design team and offers a refreshing take on the classic logo. Carton ownership grants exclusive access to the world of Lyrical Lemonade through utilities for both digital and IRL experiences. The initial 500 cartons are viewed as “Genesis” passes that will allow for active participation in the building of this entirely new branch of the company.

Allocation of the 500 cartons

46 Cartons were minted to team members of L3MON, Lyrical Lemonade, and close collaborators of Lyrical. In these 46 cartons we also set aside cartons for future giveaways.

380 Cartons were minted during our whitelist mint. Whitelist spots were allocated through a variety of community engagement methods including: Discord Giveaways, Lyrical Lemonade Trivia, and In-Person Giveaways.

74 Cartons were minted during our public sale.

Thank you to any and all supporters who’ve been on this journey with us thus far; we’re excited to continue growing and unveiling new ideas and projects. Many thanks to Metaseed Labs for their contributions in bringing “The Carton” to life and teaching us more and more about Web 3 every day!





L3MON is the tech branch of Lyrical Lemonade: a multimedia company operating in film, live events, merchandise, and the beverage industry.